“The trusted resource for helping individuals and communities maximize their access to healthcare and benefits.” 

The Primaris Foundation seeks to improve lives through education. As a leader in the healthcare consulting industry, we at Primaris truly understand just how complex healthcare can be. For many healthcare consumers, navigating things such as choosing health insurance or understanding physician or hospital bills can be a frustrating process.  A lack of understanding of insurance plans and cost sharing responsibilities may prevent consumers from utilizing the benefits of their coverage. Helping consumers’ ease the pain of getting quality healthcare is what drove us to create the Primaris Foundation. Built on the principle that knowledge is power, our not-for-profit organization focuses on helping educate consumers on how to make good health care decisions that maximize the quality of their care while minimizing the impact on their wallets.

Founded in 2001, the Primaris Foundation is based in Missouri and is driven by a passion for improving the lives of others and building better and healthier communities. The Foundation empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare choices through direct one-on-one assistance, outreach opportunities, and education programs.

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Insurance Counseling Services (ICS)