Quality has always been the core of our mission at Primaris. That is why collaborating with our affiliates was a no-brainer.  All facets bring a focus on specific elements of quality in healthcare that align with Primaris’ vision and allow us to further support both providers and patients. Whether you are working with your data on quality improvement initiatives, attempting to navigate through medical bills and coverage, implementing a culture of patient safety or refining processes that lead your organization to performance excellence, we’re here to help.

Healthcare quality is…

Patient safety. A culture that creates an environment focused around patient safety leads to higher quality of care for patients through minimal medical errors. The Center for Patient Safety (CPS) is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting safe and quality healthcare through protecting, learning, and preventing. As a Patient Safety Organization (PSO), we focus on learning what medical errors occur, why they occur and how to prevent patient harm. Learn more about how we can help you create a culture of safety at www.centerforpatientsafety.org.

Performance excellence. In the transition to value-based care and new payment models, healthcare organizations are refining processes to improve patient safety and outcomes, quality of care and reduce costs. Whether you are a rural medical provider, a skilled nursing facility or part of a large health system, the Baldrige Excellence Framework can lead to improved performance in your organization. The Midwest Excellence Institute (MEI) works with organizations to develop effective strategies to help them reach their maximum potential. Learn how MEI can drive you to performance excellence at midwestexcellence.org.

Timely, Accurate Data. Primaris and Affliates: At the Intersection of Quality Healthcare Your Quality Reporting data is more than simply numbers. It tells a story about your patients, your staff and your organization as a whole. At Primaris, our experienced abstraction team manages collecting and reporting accurate data, so that you can focus on improving quality. We don’t stop there. Our Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) team works with Missouri providers to promote patient-centered care, make care safer and more affordable, and improve population health.

Education and knowledge. The ultimate goal of quality healthcare is the quality of life for patients. Primaris Foundation is the trusted resource for helping individuals maximize their access to healthcare and benefits. The Foundation empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare choices through outreach and education programs. We focus on educating Americans on how to make good health decisions that maximize the quality of their care while minimizing the impact on their wallets.

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