AHQA lauds Lammert, other volunteers for workgroup service

The American Health Quality Association (AHQA) recently recognized workgroup volunteers for their “input, expertise, and service” in a response to a CMS notice aimed in part to reduce adverse drug events (ADE).

Dana Lammert, a program manager at Primaris, was among the seven workgroup members recognized. Lammert has been  part of the Primaris team for more than 16 years. She previously worked in health system/hospital strategic planning, business development, regulatory compliance, quality, and patient safety.

The AHQA Dose newsletter for Jan. 11 noted that last month, AHQA convened a workgroup to respond to a CMS notice to collect information regarding surveys the Independent Evaluation Center (IEC) will be fielding as part of the evaluation of the QIO Program’s efforts to reduce ADEs. 

AHQA previously submitted comments on the topic in September 2018. As a result, the IEC implemented a number of changes to their research methodology, survey design, and proposed sample population.

The newsletter stated that for the purposes of this comment period, the workgroup compiled a simple response on behalf of the membership, acknowledging those changes. It was submitted to CMS on Dec. 31, 2018. You may click here to view AHQA’s comments.

In addition to Lammert, other workgroup volunteers were:

Amanda Ryan, atom Alliance; Michael Crooks, Alliant Health Solutions; Jayme Steig, Great Plains QIN; Holly Standhardt, Lake Superior QIN; Christine LaRocca, Telligen; and Vanessa Andow, TMF.

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