For healthcare organizations facing the challenges of complying with the new Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), Primaris is uniquely positioned to help health systems and physician groups optimize MIPS results and comply with the new program.

The Primaris Difference.

  • Involved in CMS quality reporting since its inception.
  • Supported the implementation of over 1,100 EHR systems through our Meaningful Use work as a Regional Extension Center.
  • HIPAA-compliant Security Risk Assessments since 2011

Whether it is MIPS Quality reporting, Advancing Care Information (ACI) activities or Improvement Activities (IA), Primaris has the skills and experience to help.

If you are a practice or provider in Missouri or Kansas, assistance may be available to you through our TMF QIN-QIO work. Contact Quality Improvement Consultant Katy Bennett-Blumer today to learn more. 

The Primaris Approach.
Our approach to MIPS is practical and flexible. Primaris works with you to understand your needs, complement your existing team and skills to get the project done for the best outcomes – and for the right price. Primaris is not a technology vendor. We work with what you have in place and when the project requires, we have a number of proven, practical, purpose-built tools, processes and experienced professionals to help.

The Primaris Focus.

  • Quality – We specialize in CMS Web Interface reporting for ACOs and reporting groups larger than 25.
  • Advancing Care Information (ACI) – How to attest for the mandatory and optional measures to optimize your score for your practice.
    • ACI Security Risk Analysis (SRA) – This analysis under the previous Meaningful Use program is now mandatory for all MIPS participants. Primaris helps you get them done quickly, cost effectively and correctly to comply.
  • Improvement Activities (IA) – We help select the activities best suited to your current practice and how to attest to receive full credit.

What’s your plan?
Depending on your reporting relationship to CMS and your size, you may have to comply with all, some, or no MIPS requirements. You do have options. You do not have to buy, install and learn technology to comply. You also can determine your pace, whether slow, fast, and minimal or maximum – each has its own rewards and consequences.

Contact us today to discuss your MIPS plan and how we can help!

Maximizing MIPS White Paper