The wait is over – final requirements for Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement programs are in place. Now, it is time for nursing homes to finalize their QAPI plans on paper, and then put those plans into action. Are you looking for help as you begin to make plans and prepare for QAPI? Then you may want to take a closer look at Primaris. At its roots, Primaris is a quality improvement organization whose mission aligns closely with the purpose of QAPI. In fact, Primaris’ stated mission is to improve clinical outcomes and the overall patient experience. QAPI is meant to do the same thing through the marriage of Quality Assurance (QA), which focuses on clinical quality, and Performance Improvement (PI), which pertains to the resident’s quality of life. The benefits are clear, establishing an effective QAPI program leads to:

  • Regulatory compliance. A successful QAPI program enables facilities to comply with both federal and state regulations.
  • Reduced care costs. A QAPI program can help reduce hospitalizations and readmissions, as well as decrease care costs.
  • Employee engagement. A QAPI program can help improve communication across an organization.
  • Better survey outcomes. QAPI programs help organizations avoid citations and increase the likelihood of earning a higher Five-Star rating.
  • Data-driven improvement opportunities. Actionable QAPI data helps teams evaluate performance and recognize areas of opportunity.

For decades, Primaris has been working with healthcare organizations to make strategic, data-driven quality improvements. Today, nursing homes working to implement the components of QAPI are turning to Primaris for support and guidance to help them through the process.

Let Primaris Help You Get Started.
Building a culture centered on Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement doesn’t happen immediately – it is a process. So don’t wait, contact Primaris today. We offer several solutions, ranging from creating an entire QAPI program for your organization, to assisting you with your QAPI journey, to reviewing a drafted plan. Email us at to schedule a free consultation and get started on the path to QAPI success.

*Some services under this arrangement may not be available in Missouri. Contact us for more detail. 


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