Improvement Activities (IA) under MIPS can be confusing to navigate. With 93 activities and eight subcategories, determining the best way to optimize your organization’s score is challenging.

Do you know where you stand? Primaris can help.

 ACOs get full credit—this year—for IAs, an important step towards practice transformation. Those practices that are not part of an ACO can think of the list of IAs as a required checklist, heavily focused on technology.

 We can help select the activities best suited to your current practice without additional investment in technology and by performing the required tasks needed to document and attest IAs.


  • Select the right measures and tailor a plan to avoid potential penalties (as high as 9 percent).
  • Submit timely and accurate data to CMS.
  • Maximize incentive and bonus earnings.
  • Provide analysis and a plan to improve performance.

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If you are a practice or provider in Missouri or Kansas, assistance may be available to you through our TMF QIN-QIO work. Contact Quality Improvement Consultant Jennifer Wilbers today to learn more.