Primaris Healthcare AdvisorsWe liken the execution of every healthcare improvement strategy to the Toyota Production System (TPS) – a system of nested experiments through which operations are constantly improved.

Like Toyota, we focus on standardization – or more precisely the explicit specification of how work is going to be done before it is performed – and we test work as it is being done.

The end result is that gaps between what is expected and what actually occurs become immediately evident. Not only are problems contained, prevented from propagating and compromising someone else’s work, but the gaps between expectations and reality are investigated; a deeper understanding of the healthcare service, process, and people is gained; and that understanding is incorporated into a new specification, which becomes a temporary “best practice” until a new problem is discovered (Spear, 2004).

From processes and procedures, to workflows, to training, to documentation, to office design, to technology or any other improvement strategy, we combine implementation with ongoing evaluation to drive measureable healthcare improvements and cost reductions.