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Core Measures ROI Calculator

Primaris has been a pioneer of core measure data abstraction since our work with the Joint Commission (TJC) in 1999. Today, we perform abstraction services for multiple core measures, clinical data registries and more. Our experienced abstractors are effective and efficient—producing timely, accurate, and actionable data with a >95% IRR.

This core measures ROI Calculator helps to illustrate the impact Primaris can have for your organization. Based on core measure abstractions and cost data from KPMG, it is designed to estimate how much of your abstraction investment you can save and staff time you can free up for other quality activities such as data analysis and clinical quality improvement projects.

Of course, this is just an estimate based on national data trends. Let us work with you to create a more customized, detailed analysis of your current abstraction investment level and see specifically how Primaris can help in your quality improvement efforts.



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