Primaris specializes in CMS Web Interface reporting for hospital systems and ACOs. CMS Web Interface was formerly known as the Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) Web Interface. CMS Web Interface is one of six data submission options under MIPS. View CMS’ fact sheet here.

Today more than ever, how well you report your quality measures directly impacts your future revenues and profitability.

Leave it to the experts.
CMS Web Interface’s short reporting time frame, coupled with the enormity of records that must be abstracted from one or more EMR systems, requires professional abstraction expertise and the staffing to absorb the workload. Not to mention, CMS Web Interface reporting can be a huge distraction from daily operations.

It takes an average of 800 – 1,000 work hours to handle the average workload for one season. Do you have that much time to invest and the trained staff to do the work?

We’re here to help.
Our team of experienced abstractors performs CMS Web Interface reporting for a number of hospital systems and ACOs. We create reporting solutions tailored to each client, from complementing existing client resources to performing all required abstractions, Inter-rater reliability (IRR) and reporting requirements.

We completed more than 40,000 abstractions (in addition to more than 30,000 core measures and registry abstractions) for the 2016 GPRO reporting period while maintaining a >95% IRR.

CMS Web Interface White Paper

Did we mention our tool?

Primaris’ DART® (Data Abstraction Reporting Tool) is the technical heart of our abstraction efforts. DART streamlines the process by:

  • increasing abstraction efficiency;
  • reducing abstraction errors;
  • providing live measure performance feedback, and 
  • streamlines analyzing opportunities for improvement. 

Our tool is web-based with full BAA compliance and zero impact on technology infrastructure, which allows our clients to review their scores in real-time as abstractions are underway.  IRR is built into the tool to ensure accurate and quality data.  Once abstraction work is completed, our team uses the tool to create a report on findings and opportunities for quality improvement.

Considered a Mock Audit?
There’s always time for performance improvement.  Primaris also performs mock audits.  Our abstractors work with you to pick 50-100 charts for each of the measures and composites.  A mock audit helps you benchmark where you’re at and provides a feedback report with opportunities for improvement.


Download GPRO Benchmarking Case Study