Healthcare Consulting and Clinical Data Abstraction Services

We take care of your clinical data, so you can focus on what matters most – your patients.
With the transition to value-based care, the stakes have never been higher. Reimbursements, penalties, cost reductions, clinical outcomes, and your reputation are on the line.
Do you have the staff, time, and expertise to stay up-to-date on quality reporting?
Your answer is probably “no”. That’s ok; that’s why we’re here.
Primaris provides customized healthcare consulting services for providers across the US. We specialize in chart abstraction for quality measures, including but not limited to, core measures, clinical registries, and CMS Web Interface reporting. 
We take healthcare data and translate it into actionable quality improvement initiatives that create the foundation for highly reliable healthcare organizations.
Stay on track and deliver quality care by allowing us to produce timely, accurate, actionable data.