The recognized leader in healthcare quality business solutions.


Our mission is to drive the best quality results in healthcare. We work to improve clinical outcomes and the patient experience. We work directly with physicians, providers, patients and payers to improve the quality of healthcare for all.



We strive to excel. We improve our work by consistently assessing our performance and using continuous process improvement methods. We provide high quality and reliable services to our clients. Our goal is to anticipate, meet, and exceed their needs. We WOW our clients. We value employees who are highly skilled, well-trained, diverse, positive, motivated, and committed. We hire and retain the best and recognize that employees are key to our success.


We value an environment that is open to new and creative ideas, thus providing a competitive edge by offering innovative approaches to products and services. We must be proactive, adaptable, and technologically advanced to survive in an ever changing environment.


We expect all employees and board members to behave honestly, ethically, and lawfully. We are fiscally responsible. We make thoughtful decisions that uphold our values and support the entire organization and our stakeholders. We take time to listen to, understand, and consider the experiences and opinions of our employees, board, clients, partners, and stakeholders. We treat everyone courteously and professionally. We take an active role in community and volunteer activities. We support health, wellness, and environmentally conscious programs. We value a work environment where people are open, honest, and sincere in dealing with each other, our customers, and our partners. We expect everyone to be responsible and accountable for their actions and to follow through on commitments.


We value teamwork and encourage diverse opinions. We promote active contribution to the decision making and collaborative work of teams.