Setting and Achieving EHR Goals to Position Your Organization for Success

The purpose of this worksheet is to help you define your goals for improving your EHR system so that your healthcare organization can more efficiently gather the data you need to be better positioned to receive Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive payments, while avoiding possible penalties. To get started, here are some goals you might … Continued

The Future of Meaningful Use, EHRs and Accountable Care

EHR Meaningful Use: What Should Be on Your Audit Checklist Demonstrating EHR Meaningful Use: Be Ready to Pass a Potential Audit According to 2014 data, nearly a quarter of the eligible professionals that were audited before they received federal incentive payments failed to meet meaningful use standards or use a certified EHR. No one wants … Continued

Achieving EHR Meaningful Use

Achieving EHR Meaningful Use The future of healthcare is value-based care. Because of this­ – and motivation to meet CMS reporting requirements, receive incentive payments and avoid possible penalties – healthcare providers are working to increase the adoption and meaningful use of electronic healthcare records. Learn how you can promote meaningful use and get real value … Continued


Partner with Primaris to Attain Operational Efficiency Goals How will you attain the operational efficiency improvements that will keep your hospital, physician practice or long-term care facility in good financial health? Fee-for-services models are being surpassed by value-based care, and many organizations have legitimate concerns that their financial stability may be jeopardized in the transition. Download … Continued


Five Questions when Picking a Partner The healthcare sector is undergoing dramatic change. The rules around caring for patients – and being compensated for that care – are very different under the value- and outcome-based model that is becoming the norm. In response to these new conditions, many healthcare providers are turning to advisory services, … Continued


With the proper planning, health systems looking to increase operational efficiency can be assured marked improvement. This planning kit, which uses the Primaris Healthcare Improvement Model, will help you think through the steps you’ll need to take to design and implement programs that will enable efficiencies and enhance revenue across your healthcare system. Download the … Continued

5 Steps for Financial Success in a Value-Based Payment Environment

5 Steps for Financial Success in a Value-Based Payment Environment Many healthcare providers fear shifts to a value-based payment model will hurt them, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you act now you can stay ahead of payment changes and protect your financial interests. This free resource provides steps to help you … Continued

5 Steps for Financial Success in a Value-Based Payment Environment

Checklist for High-Value Healthcare Responding to the new value-based payment model Finding ways to maintain and grow revenue has become more challenging now that we are in transition to value-based healthcare payment. It is more important than ever for to focus on increasing operational efficiency in order to deliver revenue producing high-value healthcare. This FREE … Continued

Care Coordination Planning Kit

With the proper planning, health systems looking to advance care coordination can be assured marked improvement. This planning kit, which uses the Primaris Healthcare Improvement Model, will help you think through the steps you’ll need to take to design and implement an effective care coordination program. Download our PlanningKit here to start improving Care Coordination.  


Download our Post Discharge Worksheet to help coordinate care after the patient leaves the office.