PQRS GPRO Abstraction

It’s TIME to Report PQRS: Are You Ready?

Your Medicare income is at stake if you don’t take time to prepare for Medicare’s PQRS program.

  • Will you report as a group or as individual eligible providers?
  • How will you report?
  • Will you use your EHR, a registry, or the web interface?
  • Who will be responsible for the data abstraction?

PQRS GPRO What to Do in Next 6 Months. PQRS GPRO 2016: What to Do in the Next Six Months

Two-part webinar series: Understanding 2016 GPRO Measures

2016 GPRO Measures: Part 1 Webinar

Part 1  covers the following Preventative (PREV) Care Measures will be discussed: PREV-5, PREV-6, PREV-7, PREV-8, PREV-9, PREV-10, PREV-11, PREV-12, and PREV-13 (New Measure for 2016 Reporting).

2016 GPRO Measures: Part 2 Webinar

Part 2 covers the following measures: CARE-2, CARE-3, CAD-7, DM-2, DM-7, HF-6, HTN-2, IVD-2, and MH-1.

Which Method of GPRO Reporting is Right for You?

PQRS’ short timeframe couple withe the enormity of records that have to be abstracted require someone with professional abstraction expertise and the staffing to absorb the workload.

Primaris has the experience working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and our partners interpreting the measures to ensure the highest scores possible. 

Primaris performs GPRO abstraction and mock audits.  In first quarter 2016, Primaris performed more than 30,000 abstractions in a six-week time period.

Primaris’s new PQRS GPRO Abstraction Tool streamlines the process by:

  • Increasing abstractor efficiency;
  • Reducing abstraction errors;
  • Providing live measure performance feedback; and
  • Analyzing opportunities for improvement.

The customer can review their scores in real-time as the abstractors are abstracting the record.  Inter-rater reliability is built into the tool so the customer can have the utmost confidence in the abstraction work.  Once abstraction work is completed, Primaris uses the tool to create a report on findings and opportunities for improvement.

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Download our PQRS GPRO Abstraction Flyer for more info.

Pedal to the Metal

There’s always time for performance improvement.  Primaris performs mock audits.  Our abstractors work with you to pick 50-100 charts for each of the measures and composites.  Our Mock GPRO project helps you benchmark where you’re at and provides a feedback report with opportunities for improvement.

Download GPRO Benchmarking Case Study

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