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Are you…

  • Juggling too many records and too little staff time?
  • Struggling to keep up with core measures specifications and reporting guidelines?
  • Losing valuable abstraction expertise through attrition or medical leave?
  • Trying to free up clinical staff for proactive quality improvement?
  • Trying to improve performance on metrics used in quality reporting and value-based purchasing?

The Primaris Solution

Core Measures Abstraction Solutions

Primaris provides:

  • Outsourced core measure and registry abstraction (see the full list)
  • Retrospective quality measures validation audits
  • Quality measures education and training
  • Performance and clinical documentation improvement consulting and training.

As required and optional measures continue to increase, Primaris has the flexibility to absorb your hospital’s changing needs. Our outsourced quality measures abstraction solution is crafted to your specifications and available on a long-term, short-term, or interim basis.

Core Measure Abstraction

Registry Abstraction

PQRS GPRO Abstraction

Quality Reporting Webinars

Contracting Core Measures Abstraction Services: The Business Case